ok I’ll sit for a minute but  I’d much rather be in my overalls, walking in my boots and pushing my wheelbarrow full of something heavy.

Life is reproducing, networks overlapping, muscles firming, community building, food waste becoming 

the foundations for life to keep feeding us

anything is possible in May

I’ve been busy in my business as an organic landscape gardener: filling lots of potted patio planter pots, weeding those too -lush -for- spring garden beds with a shovel instead of a hand tool, and sometimes mulching 6″ to try to keep up with the weeds.  In the afternoons, after I put my 2.5 year old to sleep, I garden at home.

Ruby sitting in the bean tent I made last week. Kentucky Wonder pole beans, sunflowers and marigolds will soon create a little world for children and winged insects

There is a veggie garden to start, beds to be weeded, an emerging lawn to water, and an herb bed to build. We have a full sun area outside of our fenced in veggie garden, on either side of the deck stairs, that is calling to be just herbs and maybe a Hypericum shrub. I’ve been throwing my garden detritus on either side of the stairs(weeds, rocks, sod, old potting soil). After that comes a thick layer of last week’s newspaper, then a few wheelbarrows full of topsoil/compost mix. Ready for oregano, dill, lovage, calendula, sage, thyme…

left: herb bed ready. right: just garden detritus.

I so enjoy this level of activity, but some days (like today) I intentionally wear a dress. I think my kids know that means reading more stories on the couch.

We have an inter-species communal living scene on our pond. The geese pair have 2 goslings. The Mallard pair have 7 ducklings. They are ALWAYS together. All 13 of them. The males of each species defend the whole flock and swim on the outside. The females are in tight with the babes, chatting about good weeds I’m sure.

Ruby found these eggs. And a burrowed dirt nest. The day after National Turtle day. Hmmmm They are leathery. I’ve never seen turtle eggs, but I’m thinking these could be them?

  In town we have brimming farmers markets, potlucks for our baysitting coop (troy) and babysitting coop (albany), Cooperative Playschool,  buildings being restored and not torn down, community composting, From Scratch Club <monetary free>Food Swaps, talk of new community spaces, the Veggie Mobile bringing fresh produce to our cities so we can choose not to go to a huge grocery store, and more ideas becoming little realities every week. It is nourishing. I am so happy to be in Troy, New York in 2012.

My little Cy just wasn’t adjusting to our awesome Playschool group. He’s simply not ready to have time without Mama. As much as I thought it would be a transition for him, his tearful pleading revealed more pain each week. I finally started Listening to my little son. He is so light. He wants to be held. He wants to ask questions to his Mama, wants to be in my shadow. He does not want me to leave. So now we garden together. I put him on my back whenever he asks. I only have a little window of time for him to be so small and needing my presence. I took a turn as parent last week. I finally started Listening to my little son. He is happy to be himself these days. He is actually learning to listen to me too!

Cy and Mama walking to the Veggie Mobile from Ruby’s school.


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